See our interesting animations and listen to accurate explanations about friction. It is friction which makes a lot of things work in our world, starting from walking to a bike moving on the road. 
1) Introduction to friction: Static friction, Kinetic friction and side-effects of friction

2) Friction example explained: how it acts when a person is walking

3) Block sliding on a horizontal plane

4) Thermal energy loss due to friction, an irreversible process

5) Friction force and co-efficient of static friction

6) Friction force and co-efficient of Kinetic friction (same as Dynamic friction) 

7) Friction case:- Block placed on top of another Block. 

8) Friction for a block moving on an Inclined Plane

9) The 4 Laws of Friction

10) Contact forces - for a horizontal plane

11) Frictional forces at atomic level

12) Table of co-efficients of friction numbers for various materials in contact : both Static and Kinetic friction values

13) Rolling friction 

14) Friction in liquids/fluids: Viscosity

15) Solved problems