This course gives a strong foundation to clearly understand Newton's 3 Laws of Motion , and to apply them in practical problems. 

1) 1st Law of motion

2) Inertial and Non-Inertial Frames of Reference

3) 2nd Law of motion

4) 3rd law of motion.

5) Block sliding on an Inclined Plane - apply 1st and 2nd Law

6) Normal Reaction - horizontal plane

7) Concept of Action-Reaction pairs 

8) Normal Reaction - Inclined plane

9) 3rd law application- Contact forces on a horizontal plane

10) Equation derivation of forces - Block moving on Inclined plane

11) Solved problems

Difference between Interial and Non-Interial Frames

Understanding the concept of "FRAMES of Reference" such as Inertial and Non-Inertial frames is usually difficult but very important. This abstract topic is also covered under the chapter "Rotation" or "Rotational Mechanics".