The story of the universe and how we see it is in this chapter. We have made representative animations and videos to explain in a simplest way possible, two of the most profound theories of science, discovered by Dr.Albert Einstein. We are quite confident you will find our explanation convincing , logical and easy to grasp. 

Following topics are covered:

1) Frames of Reference: a) Inertial, b) Non-Inertial, and The Special Theory of Relativity

2) Coriolis Force : a fictitious force under Newton's Laws

3) Time Dilation: moving clocks due to Relative Velocity only

4) Time Dilation: due to Gravitational Effects

5) Mass-Energy equivalence, Einstein's famous equation

6) A body's Rest Mass and Mass while moving

7) The Mass of Light

8) Energy and Momentum

9) TWINS Paradox : why one twin will look younger than the other

10) Solved problems