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This course has images / animations to explain semiconductors principle and devices.
Following topics are covered:
1. Conductor versus semi-conductor
2. Energy bands in solids.
3. Semiconductor: conduction band and valence band.
4. p-type and n-type semiconductors.
5. Effect of temperature on conductivity.
6. p-n junction
7. p-n junction diode, LED, zener diode.
8. p-n junction acting as Rectifier.
9. Transistor:- n-p-n.
10. Transistor as amplifier.
11. Logic gates.
12. ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ gates using Diodes.
13. ‘NOT’ gate using Transistor.
14. ‘NAND’ and ‘NOR’ gates.

Solved problems and test questions are given at the end.