We have created representative 3D models, images and animations to help understand clearly the various theories given by scientists about Atoms (how things work, inside atoms). They suggested what they thought would be the best explanation, and they had a huge constraint :- they could only infer from various experiments but could'nt physically look at atoms and certainly could not see inside the atom. Each theory is called a 'model' , like a toy. This is a story of scientists' search for the smallest particle in nature. 

Following topics are covered:

1) Introduction: what exactly is meant by 'Atomic Model' ?

2) Rutherford model

    > Alpha Particle Scattering Experiment 

    > Idea of Nucleus as the center of an atom

    > Which phenomena the model could explain

    > Which phenomena the model could NOT explain

3) Hydrogen Atom and its spectrum

4) Bohr model

   > Which phenomena it could NOT explain

5) Valence Shell Theory :- s,p,d and f orbitals

6) Electron Cloud model : "electrons are waves"