The photoelectric effect reopened the debate among scientists , whether Light is a Particle or a Wave. The story started with newton describing Light as a particle in his Corpuscular Theory of Light, then Refraction and Diffraction phenomena were found later which indicated that Light should be a Wave. However, when the Photoelectric Effect was discovered and explained by Einstein, it could be better explained only if light behaves like a Particle. Einstein then came up with the Quantum Theory of Light, where each "particle" is thought of as a small packet of energy, called Quanta. Thus, Light and Energy meant one and the same thing.  

Following topics are covered:

1) Photon theory of light

2) Photoelectric Effect, Work Function, Energy concept of Light

3) Planck constant

4) Work Function

    > what is eV , how is it a unit of energy of light quanta

5) Threshold Frequency (threshold wavelength)

6) Solved problems