This course gives you interesting images and animations to explain clearly a number of things :-

1) Displacement versus Distance: what's the difference

2) Types of Motion - a) along a Horizontal / Vertical plane , a straight line motion , b) along a plane, but a zigzag motion, c) circular motion, d) Rolling Motion (as in a tyre) , e) Projectile motion.

3) Equations of Motion 

4) Projectile Motion or Parabolic Motion :- two animations show parabolic motion :- 

    a) Aircraft dropping a food packet for people 

    b) Basketball throw by a player. 

In case (a) , the vertical and horizontal velocity vectors are shown changing dynamically at every instant, to help with the concept of Resultant Vector changing dynamically with time, and therefore the Resultant Flight path of the object . The difference between "g" in vertical direction versus no acceleration in horizontal direction is explained, and is the key to understanding projectile motion. 

5) solved problems