It is an extremely important subject, and is not that easy.This course is about things changing with time in the space where electrical and magnetic fields interact with each other. We have made 3D solid model Images and Animations with videos giving accurate explanations, to make this topic a lot more easy to appreciate.

Following topics are covered:

1) what exactly is 'induction' ?

2) Faraday's laws of Electromagnetic Induction

    > magnetic field is changed by doing a switch 'On-OFF' 

    > Mutual Induction: when a coil is placed side by side with another coil

    > Mutual Induction: when a coil is placed below another coil on the same axis 

    > Mutual Induction: when a Bar Magnet is moved close to a Coil

3) Solenoid placed inside another coil (co-axially)

    > Solenoid: what is it?

    > Solenoid arrangement - example

4) Mutual Induction: when a Primary Coil is moved inside a Secondary Coil

5) Lenz's Law : Induced Current

6) Induced emf :

    a) due to moving the loop,

    b) due to changing the magnetic field,

    c) due to both - moving loop + changing magnetic field

7) Self-Induction and how is it different from Mutual Induction

8) Mutual Inductance due to a pair of circuits

9) Transformer: practical application of Mutual Inductance

    > equations for transformer

10) Induction Coil