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This course has some deep concepts, which are normally not very obvious. A number of 3D visual images and animations help to grasp the difficult conceptual part quite easily.
Following topics are covered:

1. Magnetic field lines are closed curves (unlike electric fields)
2. A bar magnet is equivalent to a solenoid with small currents flowing.
3. Torque on a bar magnet kept in a magnetic field.
4. Magnetic scalar potential.
5. Earth’s magnetism. The earth’s magnetic North and South poles.
6. Practical: using Dip Circle apparatus to find dip.
7. Practical: Tangent Galvanometer
8. Practical: Moving Coil Galvanometer
9. Shunt
10. Tangent law of perpendicular fields.
11. Practical: Deflectionmagnetometer.
12. Practical: Oscillation magnetometer.
13. Gauss’s Law for magnetism.

Solved problems and test questions are given at the end.
Sample image ofplanet earth’s magnetic axis (North-South):-