This course is very important and explains using visual images and animations of magnetic fields setup around a conductor carrying a current flow. 

Following topics are covered:

1) Magnetic field around a wire, when you pass current through it. Right Hand Thumb Rule.

2) Right Hand Thumb Rule applied to a Circular Coil

3) Biot-Savart Law

4) Magnetic Field due to current flowing in a straight wire: case 1) long straight wire, Case 2) point on a bisector

5) Force acting between parallel wires when current is passed

    > How Ampere is defined in SI units

6) Magnetic Field around a circular coil

    a) Field at a a point lying on the axis of the circular coil

    b) Field at a point lying very far away but still on the axis of the coil

7) Ampere's Law

8) Solenoid