This chapter offers you many interesting animations and videos to help understand Thermal and Chemical Effects of Electric Current. 

Following topics are covered:

1) Joule's Law of Heating

2) Seebeck Effect and Thermocouples

3) Thermoelectric series

4) Neutral and Inversion Temperature

5) Peltier Effect

6) Difference between Peltier heating and Joule heating

7) Thomson Effect

8) Electrolysis

9) Difference between Galvanic Cell and Electrolytic cell

10) Faraday's Laws of Electrolysis

11) Faraday constant

12) Voltameter/ Coulombmeter and types:-

     a) Copper Voltameter

     b) Silver Voltameter

     c) a Digital Coulombmeter (image)

13) Primary Batteries /cells

14) Secondary batteries/cells

15) Lead-Acid battery

16) Lithium-ion battery