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This course includes very important things like Ohm’s law and Kirchoff’s Laws for circuits. Interesting animations help to get a feel of resistances, series and parallel circuits, and circuits with junctions .A section on capacitors charging and discharging, is included here too. 

Following topics are covered:

1. Current and current density

2. Ohm’s law

3. Resistivity, and effect of temperature.

4. Battery and emf concept.

5. Electrical Energy 

6. Kirchoff’s Laws

7. Resistors, series and parallel circuits.

8. Grouping of batteries.

9. Wheatstone bridge.

10. Ammeter and Voltmeter.

11. Stretched wire potentiometer.

12. Capacitors - charging and discharging.

Solved problems and test questions are given at the end. 

Sample image of a DC circuit with battery and 2 resistors in parallel :-