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This is a ‘must do’ course for getting a good hang of electronics and electrical . This course includes interesting animations to explain capacitors , what they are , how they work, and a basic DC circuit. (you can find more on AC electrical circuits fitted with capacitor , in a subsequent course - chapter 39.) Following topics are covered:


1. Capacitor types, use of a dielectric, and Capacitance. 

2. Capacitor in a simple circuit with a DC battery.Working of a switch.

3. Charging and discharge graphs.

4. Capacitor in a AC circuit.

5. Force between plates of a capacitor.

6. Energy stored in a capacitor.

7. Dielectric materials and constant ‘K’.

8. Van de Graff Generator

Solved problems and test questions are given at the end. 

Sample image ofa parallel plate type capacitor in a DC circuit:-