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This is one of the difficult(and hated) topics. But students have to be helped to get on top of it. This course makes it easier.  The images/videosstart from scratch and go on to explain a Gaussian surface and how it can be used practically. 

Following topics are covered:

1. Flux of electric field through another surface

2. Gauss’s Law

3. Flux at a point outside a closed surface

4. Applying Gauss’s Law to find equation for Electric Field in various situations :- a) charged conductor, b) charged sphere, c) long wire/cylinder, d) plane sheet of charge. e) outside a charged plane conducting sheet.

5. Comparison: electric field of a charged sphere , with that of a point charge at centre.

6. Electric potential energy of a charged solid sphere.

7. Electric potential energy of a charged spherical SHELL.

8. Earthing.

Solved problems and test questions are given at the end. 

A sample image is given below , for a charged sheet :-

Sample image of Gaussian surface wrapped around an electric field:-