This course explains in detail about behaviour of molecules in a gas. Animations and images are included to simulate in slow motion, the motions of molecules inside a gas. The understanding of collisions of molecules against walls of a container helps in understanding gas pressure being a result of many such collisions.

Topics covered are:

1) Kinetic Theory of Gases : it's purpose and assumptions behind it

2) What is an Ideal Gas ? - definition

3) Assumptions behind the Kinetic Theory

4) Pressure and RMS speed : for an ideal gas

5) Kinetic Theory: interpretation of temperature concept, Equations for KE and Temperature in terms of RMS speed

6) Brownian Motion

7) Vapor and Critical Temperature of a gas , Isotherms

8) Evaporation and Kinetic Energy of molecules

9) Dew Point :- Air temperature, and Saturation Vapor Pressure

10) Solved problems