This course makes it really easy to understand Optical instruments.

Summary of topics covered:-

1) Simple Microscope 

2) Magnification , Ray Diagram

3) Compound Microscope : animation of movements

    > Ray Diagrams : how to draw them

4) Magnification in a Compound Microscope

5) Telescopes and types of telescopes

6) Astronomical Telescopes : 3 types of Astronomical Telescopes

    > Ray Diagrams for the three types of Astronomical telescopes

7) Terrestrial Telescopes : Ray diagram

8) Astronomical telescopes: Magnification, Light-gathering ability, and Resolving Power

    > Difference between 'Resolving Power' and 'magnification'

    > Equation for Resolving Power 

9) Terrestrial telescopes : magnification, Light-gathering ability, and Resolving Power

    > equation for Resolving Power

10) Solved problems.