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This course is meant to give a comfortable and smooth start to your Maths basics, as needed for Physics . 

Topics explained :- 

1) Graphs and equations that make the graph: get comfortable with graphs of various shapes. learn what is slope and how to find it, irrespective of how complex the graph is.

Basic Types of graphs :- a) straight line graph, b) exponential curves, c) Hyperbolic curves.

   Learn what is Maxima and Minima points for curves. 

2) Trigonometry :- a) sine, cos and tan. b) example:- sine of a continuously varying angle :- this is applied in physics to a wave equation

3) Integration - what exactly is the physical meaning of Integration. 

4) Differentiation - what exactly is the physical meaning of Differentiation . See in terms of a graph, and how does it help us to handle complex graphs made by  equations.