Sound waves are both Longitudinal and Transverse , and different from Light waves which are Transverse waves. Learn about sound velocity, amplitude, frequency , pitch . Animations are included to show the sound wave moving .

Following topics are covered:

1) Get a feel for sound waves

2) String Vibrations :

    a) Longitudinal vibrations

    b) Transverse vibrations

3) Speed of Sound in Solids

4) Speed of Sound in a Gas : Newton's equation and Laplace's Correction

5) Sound: its main defining aspects : a) Pitch and Frequency, b) Intensity and Loudness, c) Quality

6) Standing Waves and Air Columns : equations

    a) Pipe closed at one end

    b) Pipe open at both ends

7) Beats

8) Doppler Effect and example /cases:-

    a) Train moving, person is stationary

    b) Train stationary, person moving towards the train