This course explains about waves and wave equations. Animations show the wave moving which makes it so much easier to understand Wave Theory. Grasp easily the basics such as amplitude, frequency, velocity. A Sonometer and basic principle of a Laboratory experiment is shown, with equation. 

Following topics are covered: 

1) Feel the wave : an introduction to understanding Circular Motion extending to SHM and wave formation

2) Wave Pulse on a string 

3) Sine wave travelling on a string : equations

4) Wave Velocity for a wave travelling along a string in a Longitudinal direction: equation

5) Superposition of waves and Interference 

6) Standing waves: case of string fixed at both ends : equations

7) Failure of bridges and structures due to Standing waves

8) Standing waves: case of string fixed at ONE end : equations

9) Practical Experiment: Sonometer Apparatus

    > The 3 Laws of Transverse Vibration of strings

10) Solved problems