This course explains a material's innate properties like Elasticity, Strength, stress, strain etc.

Following topics are covered: 

1) Introduction to Elasticity

2) Stress

3) Strain

4) Hooke's Law and Young's Modulus of Elasticity

5) Longitudinal stress versus strain graph

6) Work Done and Potential Energy (Elastic Potential energy equation derivation)

7) Practical Experiment to find Young's Modulus

8) Surface Tension in a liquid : adhesion, inter-molecular cohesion, potential energy

    > Height of liquid column - equation derivation

9) Surface Tension: case of steel needle floating on water: Equation derivation 

10) Parallax Errors in readings due to surface tension

11) Contact Angle: concept and examples > a) water in glass tube, b) mercury in glass tube

12) Cohesion versus Adhesion and Potential Energy for a liquid in a tube

13) Adhesion forces explanation of Contact Angle for cases : a) water in glass tube, b) mercury in glass        tube, c) mercury in Copper tube, d) water on paraffin Wax flat plate, e) water in a Silver vessel, f)          water on a Lotus Leaf.

14) Capillary tube

15) Capillary action in nature: example of a flower

16) Equation derivation: Height of Capillary in a capillary tube

17) Viscosity : an introduction

18) Velocity gradient concept

19) Co-efficient of viscosity

20) Dimensions of co-efficient of viscosity

21) Bernoulli's Principle: liquid flow

22) Stoke's law and equation

23) Terminal Velocity for object moving through a fluid

24) Stokes method: Practical Experiment to measure co-efficient of viscosity

25) Reynolds number