This course gives a clear explanation about the gravitational forces and its impact on the universe. Gravitation is a weak force but a 'long-distance force", it can act over distances of light-years. Animations and images help you to understand the earth’s orbital revolution (rotation) around the sun, and the earth's rotation about its own axis, and other examples of gravitation.

1) Gravitational force is always a force of Attraction, never Repulsion

2) Gravitational pull or attractive force between masses, and gravitational constant.  

3) Moon and its role in attracting meteors

4) Universal Law of Gravitation

5) Difference between big 'G' and small 'g'

6) Gravity on Moon and other planets

7) Gravitational Potential

8) Gravitational Field

9) Kepler's Laws of Planetary motion

10) Escape Velocity, and equation derivation

      - value and effect of Latitude on escape velocity

      - effect of Earth's rotation on escape velocity

11) Black Holes in outer space  

12) Gravitational Waves