Rotation of bodies is usually a complex subject. This course makes things easy using animations and better explanations for the student. 

1) Get a feel for Rotational motion : animation of turbine wheel rotating when water falls on it.

2) Rotation about an axis : the importance of knowing the axis of rotation

3) Angular velocity and angular acceleration. Its comparison with equations for Linear velocity and linear acceleration. Examples with pulleys are shown. 

4) The main equations of Rotational Kinematics

5) The main equations of Rotational Dynamics : Force, Torque, and radius of action

6) Moment of Inertia: concept and derivation

7) Moment of Inertia: for a rectangular plate: see animation

8) Torque, Angular Acceleration, and Moment of Inertia: see animation

9) Leaning of Bike into a turn

10) Angular Momentum

11) vector directions for Angular Momentum: Right hand Thumb Rule

12) Angular momentum, Moment of Inertia, and Torque: relationship between all these three

13) Conservation of Angular Momentum

14) Kinetic Energy of a Rotating Mass

15) Work Done and Power in Rotational motion

16) Theorems of Moment of Inertia: a) perpendicular axis theorem, b) parallel axis theorem

17) Rolling concept: rotation + translation

18) Rolling with braking 

19) Solved Problems