Topics covered:-

1) Get a feel for the concept of Momentum and Collisions - practical example of a ball dropped on the floor and rebounding. 

2) Center of Mass : what is it

3) Uniform Mass Density

4) Equation derivation of center of mass for a Uniform Straight Rod

5) Linear Momentum and Conservation of Momentum

6) Collisions types : a) Elastic/perfectly elastic, b) Inelastic

7) Elastic Collision: animation of a ball hitting another ball , storing and release of potential energy

8) Collisions -special cases- a) heavy object hits a very light object, b) light object hits a stationary Heavy object

9) Perfectly Inelastic collisions: animation of ball hitting another ball

10) Partly Elastic and Partly Inelastic Collisions

11) Moving Block colliding with a stationary Spring : animation and explanation

12) Co-efficient of Restitution

13) Elastic collision in more than one dimension: animation :- ball falling into spherical cup

14) Solved Problems